Another Black King is a chess club focused on improving the community through education, mentorship, and personal connections. The mission is to promulgate the benefits of playing and studying chess to adults and children who may have always wanted to learn, but were halted by the seeming complex nature of chess. Browsing through chess literature or trying to learn from videos lecturing about ranks and files, pawn structure, and exchange variations can be daunting. At Another Black King, my goal is to demystify chess and make it accessible for everyone. Whether you would like to become a professional chess player or you would like to simply enjoy a casual game once in a while, Another Black King can help you achieve your goal.

Another main focus of Another Black King is mentorship. The goal is to inspire good role models who in turn can pass down a tradition of excellence to the next and future generations. Through learning and teaching chess, my hope is that members of the community will develop positive and inspiring relationships with each other which can begin to heal our hurting society. If you know a child who would benefit from spending time with a tangible, positive role model while engaging in a healthy, mentally challenging activity, contact us to get more information on how you can get involved.

The last focus of Another Black King is realizable justice. We have all heard the chants and seen the protests. We have all seen the videos of police shootings and racial injustice. These events have raised awareness to issues that have been prevalent in our society for some time. It appears that the nation is poised for change, but that change won’t be realized from fighting violence with violence or under the guise of emotional responses triggered by sensationalized news stories. I say realizable justice, because helping to clean up our own communities is something we can all do. I feel the best hope for the community to heal is itself from within. For those who have much, to give a little extra for those who have not; and to teach life skills and lessons to the younger members of the community so they can avoid making the same mistakes we did. This is my attempt at doing just that. And if you feel inspired and care to join me, contact me, and perhaps we can inspire each other.